I've Ghosted Substack

Hello Friends! After doing a lot of musing, I've decided to move Bemusings over to Ghost. This is my first post here on Ghost, so I'm going to keep it short.

First, many, many, thanks for all the positive feedback you've shared about Bemusings. It means so much to me.

Second, here on Bemusings@Ghost, I plan to continue curating, summarizing, and synthesizing the best research on how to thrive and learn in the modern digital world. And it'll continue to be free. There may be paid add-on options in the future, but the core of Bemusings will remain free to you and anyone else who wants to jump on board.

Finally, Ghost has some cool customization and extension features that I'll be playing with over the next few weeks. So, expect Bemusings to look different. But it won't be different - except better!

I hope you stick with me here, but I understand if you choose to unsubscribe. More soon!

A ghost smiling at a computer with the word "Substack" on the screen.